Costs do not include vendor costs (printing, photography, talent, travel, media spots, mail, server host charges, etc.). Client will be responsible for all travel costs related to this proposal

1. Medical Tourism Pilot Program Design and Implementation

One World will design a complete, turnkey plan and connect your hospital or destination to a U.S. employer, Insurance Carrier, or a Government Entity. All the employer will have to do is plug it into their current domestic plan and start the marketing that is laid out for them in the design. This program is designed to convince company executives to implement Medical Tourism and to promote participation from their employees.

The plan includes the following features:

  • Plan Benefits and Details
  • Plan Incentives
  • Patient Orientation
  • Marketing Features
  • Patient Enrollment
  • Travel Planning
  • Insurance Set-up and Administration
  • Patient Costs
  • Employer Costs
  • Medical Procedure Details
  • Patient Companion Benefits
  • Lodging Arrangements
  • Tourism Opportunities
  • Follow-up Details
  • Claim Administration
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Executive Benefits

2.Patient Experience Analysis   NEW

Develop a custom plan to explore and implement a world-class patient experience for your organization. It is essential to promote that your hospital has the best-trained medical staff, a safe track record of procedures, and an attractive pricing model. But, hospitals must also deliver an exceptional patient experience. Ultimately your hospital may have been lacking in some of the ancillary offerings, perhaps seemingly simple comfort and convenience offerings that have been overlooked or considered low on the priority scale by certain hospitals.

We will give you an unbiased analysis and, if you choose subsequent consulting from us, develop a “patient experience action plan” for your hospital, and recommend a process to get it done.

3. Medical Tourism Conference Co-Hosting – 3 days    NEW

See Presentations Section for Full Details.

4. Medical Cluster/Healthcare City Development

Creation of the cluster model and coordination of all provider participation within the cluster. Includes four on-site visits and group meetings (First Meeting and Coordination, Cluster Model, Collaboration and Requirements, First Year Recommendations - Marketing Plan, International Patient Department, Insurance, Public Relations, etc.) create your destination's own Healthcare City.

This service also includes assistance on how to neutralize the potential political issues as they arise amongst the members.

5. International Patient Department Consulting

We will work with you or any hospital of your choice to establish and/or assess the international patient department. You'll get a proposal for this services and it includes 2 days of onsite training at your hospital.

6. Assistance with Conducting Fam(iliarization) Tours

Fam Tours work best when a U.S. or guest resident accompanies the hosts on the tours. This service lends credibility to your tour, bridges the language barrier and results in successful Fam Tour exposure of your country, cluster and medical facilities. OneWorld arrives before Fam Tour guests and helps you impress your visitors with the level of healthcare you offer, as well as the beauty of your destination.

7. MTA membership and special services participation

We recommend that your organization become an MTA member AND participate in all their services, including their conference offerings and recommendations, magazine advertising, website advertising and special services they create for their members, including participating in all MTA member surveys.

Marketing Assistance

Costs do not include vendor costs (printing, photography, talent, travel, media spots, mail, server host charges, etc.). Client will be responsible for all travel costs related to this proposal.

1. Business and Marketing Planning

A 36 month strategic, business and marketing plan designed to put your organization at the top of the Medical Tourism competitive market. You'll get a 12 month campaign calendar of everything you should do each month to establish your relationship with your business and consumer target markets.

The calendar will include details on ALL website updates, brochure updates, media releases, advertising spots, one on one mailings, promotional materials (giveaways), and event attendance.


It Starts With The Logo. A strong brand communicates its value, benefits and mission to employees and customers through concise and consistent messaging. A good logo reflects the quality, value and professionalism your organization expects of its employees and delivers to its customers. A powerful logo should be timeless in design and should be reduced to its simplest form. An effective logo serves as a foundation for all succeeding communications.

3. Tagline

A strategic tag line adds an emotional tie to your organization and positions your organization by defining and promoting customer benefits in a few simple words. Tag lines can be modified to accommodate different business objectives, locations or trends in the marketplace. We will give you options to use as a tagline, for you to select the one you like the most.

4. Creating a Brand Image Guide

Successful companies have a uniform communications Brand Image that maintains a consistent aesthetic and reinforces your organization's brand, and communicates its mission and core values to its customers and business associates. We will create a comprehensive Brand Image guide for your organization that can be used for all electronic, intranet, letterhead, internal memos, posters and email usage and that will be owned by your organization.

5. Advertising Design and MTA Magazine Placement

OneWorld will design an ad that will appear in one MTA Magazine issue, after which you may elect to continue at your cost.

6. Marketing Materials Review

OneWorld will review all your marketing materials for content, presentation, structure and effectiveness. This will include language, arrangement, pricing information, staff information, your organization awards, staff accomplishments, and any other information we recommend for you, in order to speak effectively with U.S. employers, insurance companies and potential patients.

7. Website review

This is one of the sources of information that potential patients will access. We will do a review of your website for effectiveness, arrangement, presentation, language and flow.

8. Promotional Video

OneWorld will create a promotional video for your organization that can be used for marketing purposes at events, and can be distributed to valuable customers and organizations.

9. Brochure Website and other Marketing Materials Design

If your organization selects this service, we will implement all the recommendations from our review of your materials and website, and present a finished product to your organization for their use. In addition, we offer services to manage the materials moving forward, to keep them updated.

10. Mailing and Presentation Kits

As your marketing materials become more presentable, we will advise you on how to package them to present to U.S. employers and other groups. This is very critical in order for you to manage your marketing costs effectively.

11. Event Marketing

You'll get assistance on how to prepare for each recommended conference including how to make the best use of your space, what materials to bring, how to distribute them, and how to attract the most attendees to your space as possible.

Media/Public Relations Service

Costs do not include vendor costs (printing, photography, talent, travel, media spots, mail, server host charges, etc.). Client will be responsible for all travel costs related to this proposal.

1. Press Releases

You'll get monthly literature about your organization that you will send to select media outlets, incorporate into your marketing materials and your website. OneWorld will design the press release for you.


Costs do not include vendor costs (printing, photography, talent, travel, media spots, mail, server host charges, etc.).  Client will be responsible for all travel costs related to this proposal.

1. Medical Tourism Conference Co-Hosting – 3 days

We have created a format whereby we help you host a conference in your host destination. We advise you on who should be invited and we provide the majority of the content. We conduct the conference in cooperation with our hosts. Included in the 3 day timeframe is one (1) day for visiting hospitals and clinics in the host destination and one (1) day for tourism. This helps you to generate the interest and cooperation from the necessary governments and other stakeholders, in order to help you manage your future marketing costs and other resources. This is an affordable way to kick off your Medical Tourism Program. Select clinics could be the leaders of the hospitals and clinics in the host destination, or could be the founding members of a cluster (see Cluster Development service in the Consulting Services section).

This is an ideal forum to add extra days for select audiences and an excellent opportunity to use those extra days for some of the other presentations in our menu of services. Present our Improving your Medical Tourism Communication - Speaking to the U.S. Market in non-medical language presentation to doctors in a particular hospital, or The Tourism Experience presentations to Tour Operators, Tour Organizers and Tourism Dept. Staff. The opportunities are endless.

2. Marketing Workshops – 4 hour

Our clients get a 4-hour (minimum) workshop delivered by OneWorld’s President and his 17 years of marketing experience (see his bio). Content includes Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Marketing Planning information. Also included in the workshop is hands-on instruction on how to integrate your organization’s communication to both its internal and external customers. Organizations learn how to develop marketing campaigns to reach their target markets, how to build and grow your brand, design secrets for your website and other marketing materials, and how to position your organization so it stands out in the U.S. business and consumer markets.

This service is great for Hospital and Clinic owners, administrators and staff; Medical Tourism Facilitator owners and operators; and government representatives of countries and cities of medical tourism destinations.

3. Marketing Webinar Package   NEW

A set of five (5) one hour and a half (1 ˝) webinars with the last 30 minutes being answers to submitted questions. Get all OneWorld’s Presentations via Webinar attendance in a package format. Ideal for educating your staff, training select staff, and learning all the successful medical tourism marketing ideas.

4. Analysis of a Successful Healthcare Marketing Campaign – 4 hour

Details on the elements of an in-place, successful healthcare marketing campaign in the U.S. Includes presentation of how successful mass marketing, email marketing, website marketing, one-on-one presentations, event marketing, and pilot programs worked in a real-life campaign. Concludes with a workshop of how each of the marketing elements can be improved

5. Creating a Medical Tourism Marketing Campaign Budget – 4 hour

How to cost out the cross media elements of a Medical Tourism Marketing Campaign including mass marketing, email, internet, customized mail, brochure design, event management, and PR. Attendees will be amazed at the most frequent omissions that big companies make when creating marketing budgets. Learn about hidden costs, cost sharing and some helpful hints on how to minimize costs.

6. Review of Hospitals and Clinics Marketing Materials

Provide feedback about effectiveness of marketing materials including intended use, layout, cost and improvement suggestions. Delivered by OneWorld’s President and his 17 years of marketing experience (see his bio).

7. Improving your Medical Tourism Communication - Speaking to the U.S. Market in non-medical language – 4 hour   NEW

Intended for Doctors and other Medical Community communicators that impact the success of Medical Tourism Marketing. Learn how to avoid turning off potential customers by overuse of medical terminology, and too much focus on medical details. Learn how to incorporate powerful layperson terms into conversation and marketing communications to create successful interactions.

8. How to Manage the Patient Experience and create positive word of mouth marketing campaigns – 4 hour   NEW

Cradle to Grave management of the patient experience directly impacts Medical Tourism success, including marketing, pre-travel experience, travel experience, arrival, pre-medical experience, tourism, post medical experience, customer service, and follow up. This presentation points out the crucial elements of each phase of the patient experience and delivers successful techniques on how to create a positive impression and good outcomes.

9. The Tourism Experience – 4 hour

For Tour Operators, Tour Organizers and Tourism Dept. Staff. Learn about Customer Service that Works and Lowers Your Risk Exposure. Presentation includes physical attributes of the tourism experience and how to avoid the many pitfalls. Also includes administration and management tools that will avert potential disasters and ensure positive word of mouth marketing.

10. Branding – 2 hour

How to Brand your Hospital, Clinic, Cluster, Country or City Destination for the U.S. Markets. Learn the steps of creating powerful, long-lasting brands, how to incorporate taglines, and how to avoid confusion in your brand. Also includes flexible attributes of branding such as brand-within-a-brand marketing.

11. Effective Medical Tourism Website Design – Do’s and Don’ts – 4 hour

How U.S. customers use the internet and how they respond to website marketing and advertising. How to budget for, and build an effective website for effective Medical Tourism Marketing. Learn how to keep your website(s) fresh, attractive and reliable.

Training & Performance Solutions

OneWorld provides complete solutions to support your organization. Our training and performance experts identify the information, knowledge and skills required to support your business objectives. We create effective training and support strategies then design, develop and implement your training (eLearning or traditional). Our instructional expertise includes strategic planning, performance analysis, design & development, implementation, and assessment & evaluation. OneWorld training also offers Instructor-Led Training and Self-Study courseware, process mapping, policy & procedure documentation, user guides, manuals and job aids.


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